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As leaders, Republican Mayors, City Council members and County Commissioners are called upon to implement innovative policy solutions that will lower taxes, create more job opportunities and improve the quality of life for constituents -- be they seniors or young families, employees or entrepreneurs.

Much time is spent parsing each day’s happenings in Washington, DC, but the most impactful interactions everyday people have with government are the result of processes and solutions set at the local level - in counties, cities and towns. 

That’s why Republican local elected leaders need thoughtful, nimble and adaptable policy solutions -- solutions that respect the leadership of local civic, business and religious stakeholders while addressing the intractable issues. 

The Forum for Community Leaders (FCL) comes alongside Republican local leaders in their constant effort to identify solutions to the emerging and evolving list of challenges facing the nation’s communities around infrastructure, energy, opportunity, environmental stewardship, and more. FCL is able to identify those challenges, and research, design, and share implementable solutions needed to make our communities stronger with CLA’s national caucus of Republican Mayors, City Council Members, and County Executives and Legislators. 

The mission of the Forum for Community Leaders (FCL) is to equip municipal leaders, and other stakeholders with the tools they need to advocate for the expansion of opportunity and prosperity through the application of common sense, sustainable market driven principles to create resilient, strong communities. 

FCL is a tax-exempt 501(c)(4) organization responsible for educating citizens, industry leaders and elected officials at all levels of government and across the country. FCL is an affiliate of the Community Leaders of America (CLA), a 527 tax-exempt organization.


Click on the image below to learn more about recent CLA-FCL developed toolkits. 

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