Learn more about the American Gas Association's programs to relieve financial hardship for natural gas utility customers.

 “All across the country we have been facing difficulties and challenges that no one could have envisioned. During this unpredictable time, natural gas utilities have been a constant—ensuring reliable delivery of natural gas to the frontlines and the families who rely on it.

As some states begin to open back up, the natural gas industry will continue to play an integral role in the economic recovery of this nation—helping to rebuild the communities they serve and providing the support that Americans need to get back on their feet.”


Harbert went on to say, “Natural gas utilities have always had programs in place to help those experiencing financial distress, but this pandemic has brought unprecedented financial challenges, and companies are working with customers to ensure they have the tools they need during this difficult time. Companies are proactively reaching out to customers to share the variety of payment options and financial resources available for those who need assistance. The industry has also worked to increase funds for the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, a program that gets dollars in the hands of the most vulnerable. Natural gas utilities are part of the communities they serve and the support they provide goes far beyond the energy they deliver—we are seeing that now more than ever.”


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