CLA Chairwoman Mayor Acquanetta Warren's (Fontana, CA) Re-election Endorsement of President Donald Trump

“It is the shared goals of opportunity, safety, prosperity, and fiscal responsibility that benefit every neighborhood and every sector of our nation’s economy that I, in my capacity as Chairwoman of Community Leaders of America, endorse President Donald Trump for re-election. It is essential that our cities and towns, and the individuals and businesses who are a part of the fabric of those communities, have the freedom and ability to do the things they need to do in order for our communities, and our country to remain resilient and strong.”

Mayor Acquanetta Warren is the city of Fontana, CA’s first female and African American Mayor. She was elected in 2010, and re-elected in 2018.

Community Leaders of America is the national forum of Republican Mayors, City Council Members, and County Commissioners.

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