As part of CLA and FCL's recently announced COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery program, we recently asked our caucus members and private partners a series of questions regarding challenges, opportunities, and next best steps around the response and economic recovery to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some of the questions and responses from our Caucus members survey. Learn more about the program by clicking on the link above.

Question: What is your community’s biggest challenge in economic recovery?


"Our biggest challenge is finding continual support for our local businesses, that were, and still are, impacted by COPVID-19."

"Loss of Job Growth and Revenue from Sales Tax."

"Small Businesses getting back open and healthy and consumers feeling confident enough to spend money and get economy going."

"Getting consumer confidence built up again, shifting buying patterns back to main street vs. online, and undoing the "going out" fear that the MSM has instilled."

"Loss of municipal revenue and the divide between those who want to open everything up right away and those who still feel it is not safe."

"Under Colorado law the city's revenue cap will "ratchet down" in 2020 because of significantly reduced revenue. Because revenue can only grow from that new base each year by a growth factor that averages 3-4% per year, it will take the city probably four years to get back to a 2019 revenue base. We will probably ask the voters to allow us to retain the 2019 revenue base and not have to ratchet down to a 2020 base. If that sounds complicated, imagine explaining it to voters."

Question: As a leader, what do you need from the business community as you plan and move forward with your communities economic recovery?


"Information as to how the city can help facilitate their recovery."
"Communication on the needs and fears. As well as new ideas that are working for them."
"During the crisis many industry organizations and companies reached out with letters informing us of what they were doing and their plans to re-open. This was very helpful and it would be appreciated to continue to get updates on their recovery and their future plans."
"What we need most from the business community is to understand what rules and regulations we can tweak very quickly to allow businesses to navigate to economic recovery."
" A commitment to continue to providing products and sales revenue. Also to provide on job training for our youth entering the job market."
"Safely open up and rehire employees."
"Our Chamber has been extremely engaged in the Covid recovery with weekly zoom seminars featuring speakers from all areas of business that offer insights to help to small business owners to navigate through financial support options and business challenges to get reopened. I think our business community should continue to share stories of their journey and those who can, provide free advice via seminars to all who want to learn." 
"Bold and innovative strategies to get consumers feeling safe but comfortable with returning to the physical marketplace."

Question: What do you want the business community to know about your community’s economic recovery process, and what they can do to better help the process progress?


"Please reach out to me with opportunities or questions. Learn about my community and opportunities we have for engaging with us."
"We are committed to and reliant upon their success. They are the engine that makes our community function."
"Our efforts need to be a joint partnership and the businesses should know we are ready to work hand in hand to get our economy moving again."
"We want them to know that the tools to assist their efforts are being planned. Our city is willing to assist in every step to get them economic recovery."
"Let us know what you need and how the phase reopening is working."

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