In the latest installment of the Forum Spotlight we spend a few minutes with Mesa, AZ Council Member Kevin Thompson.

In the latest installment of the Forum Spotlight we spend a few minutes with Fontana, CA Mayor, and CLA-FCL Chair Acquanetta Warren. 

The CLA-FCL Forum Spotlight is a new video series that gives you the chance to learn more about our Forum members and the communities they represent.

We'll keep it interesting, informative, and hopefully even a little entertaining. Watch the first episode below with Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price.


CLA Chairwoman Mayor Acquanetta Warren's (Fontana, CA) Re-election Endorsement of President Donald Trump

Recently CLA-FCL Chairwoman Mayor Acquanetta Warren of Fontana, CA, alongside former Indianapolis, IN Mayor Greg Ballard wrote an op-ed for The Hill that addresses the importance of creating a manageable and forward looking framework that communities of all sizes can apply to get their local economies back up and running during this new pandemic era. The piece suggests a set of principles that recognize the economic, societal, and community importance of local businesses and the families they support. 

As a nation, we continue to work very hard to shut down the physical effects of this virus. But as we make an effort to combat the physical effects, we can’t let our economy be shut down at the same time. The economic health of local communities during this pandemic is essential for the success and opportunity for every single person in America’s cities and towns. 

The responsive innovations to this crisis have brought out the best in our nation — from individuals, small business, big business and, yes, even from government leaders. 

Republican mayors won re-election in 3 cities last night.

Check out results for:

Mayor GT Bynum, Tulsa, OK

Mayor Tommy Battle, Huntsville, AL

Mayor Frank Brocato, Hoover, AL

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Fontana, CA Mayor and CLA Chairwoman Acquanetta Warren was recently on Lars Larson's national radio program discussing COVID-19 and impact of the death of George Floyd. Listen below.

Media Release

Community Leaders of America & Forum For Community Leaders Announce COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery Program (RERP)

Led by seasoned advisory committee, effort to focus on solutions to the most intractable challenges arising from COVID-19 recovery at the local level

Springfield, VA - 

Today Community Leaders of America (CLA 527) and its affiliate organization, Forum for Community Leaders (FCL 501c4) announced the launch of the COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery Program. The program’s mission of building relationship to surface, discuss, and strategize solutions to the most intractable challenges arising from COVID-19 recovery at the local level will be lead by an Advisory Committee comprised of current and former local, state and federal leaders, as well as private sector innovators - all with the experience and knowledge to help guide this important cause. 

As part of CLA and FCL's recently announced COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery program, we recently asked our caucus members and private partners a series of questions regarding challenges, opportunities, and next best steps around the response and economic recovery to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some of the questions and responses from our Caucus members survey. Learn more about the program by clicking on the link above.

Question: What is your community’s biggest challenge in economic recovery?


"Our biggest challenge is finding continual support for our local businesses, that were, and still are, impacted by COPVID-19."

"Loss of Job Growth and Revenue from Sales Tax."

"Small Businesses getting back open and healthy and consumers feeling confident enough to spend money and get economy going."