As part of CLA and FCL's recently announced COVID-19 Response and Economic Recovery program, we recently asked our caucus members and private partners a series of questions regarding challenges, opportunities, and next best steps around the response and economic recovery to the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some of the questions and responses from our Caucus members survey. Learn more about the program by clicking on the link above.

Question: What is your community’s biggest challenge in economic recovery?


"Our biggest challenge is finding continual support for our local businesses, that were, and still are, impacted by COPVID-19."

"Loss of Job Growth and Revenue from Sales Tax."

"Small Businesses getting back open and healthy and consumers feeling confident enough to spend money and get economy going."

Learn more about the Tri-City Collin County Business Grant program. 

The City of McKinney and McKinney Economic Development Corporation propose a $5 million dollar grant program to support small businesses negatively impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Tri-City Collin County Small Business Grant Program (SBGP) is a collaboration between the City of Frisco, TX, the City of Allen, TX, and the City of McKinney designed to help minimize economic hardships experienced by Collin County businesses and each have similar scope and disbursement perimeters. Funding for the program will be provided by Collin County as part of the CARES Act. 

Learn more about Anaheim's small business loan program to help small businesses.

Anaheim Mayor Harry Sidhu, who owns a family business, said in the release that he understands the struggles small businesses are currently facing, and he hopes “that this program will be a lifeline for some.”

A partnership of Anaheim’s economic development department and the nonprofit Orange County/Inland Empire Small Business Development Center, the microloan program is funded by a federal grant and is expected to grant about $1 million to small businesses, city spokesman Mike Lyster said.

Learn more about Mayor George Fuller's efforts to help businesses keep the lights on.

“I plan to go to our other sales tax organization, the Economic Development Corporation. I hope to get $1 million from the EDC there," McKinney Mayor George Fuller told The Dallas Morning News on Thursday. "We’re looking at other avenues and funding sources from the city to our TIRZ, our tax and reinvestment zones.

“At the end of the day, I hope we’re funding 3, 4, 5 million dollars or more to local businesses..."

Learn more about Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price's economic recovery task force.

The program, called ‘Fort Worth Now’, isn’t be a short term plan, but a 12-month effort focusing on restoring the city’s economy.

“This COVID-19 panic has been unlike anything any of us have ever seen,” Mayor Price said during the press conference. “Just as any crisis and disaster comes there’s a time when you roll your sleeves up, pick up the pieces and you begin again.”

Learn more about the work being done in Cedar Park, TX to offset the local economic effects of the pandemic.

"We are excited to have been able to help our small businesses through this crisis," Mayor Corbin Van Arsdale said. "Many of them are struggling, and the grants help supplement some the Federal, State and other assistance they've applied for. We are grateful for all that our small businesses have done and are continuing to do for our community. This is a tough time, and they are doing a tremendous job of weathering this storm. We are glad to help them through it."

Learn more about Jacksonville, FL's stimulus package for local families.

Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry announced a local stimulus package that, if approved, would provide relief to thousands of local families.

Mayor Curry said he plans to allocate $160 million in federal CARES Act funds with $40 million dollars set aside for individuals to provide $1,000 in relief to 40,000 households to help with mortgage, rent and utility payments.

Learn more about Fresno's Recovery Committee and the steps they're taking.

“We need to start planning now so our residents and businesses can be fully prepared for the gradual process of economic recovery and a return to normal routine,” Mayor Lee Brand said. “I am engaging community leaders from every facet of our economy to provide essential input so we can be ready to move forward in a deliberate and reasonable way without jeopardizing the health of our residents.”

Learn more about McKinney, TX's business grant program. 

Mayor George Fuller, who co-sponsored the resolution with Mayor Pro Tem Rainey Rogers, said he doesn’t believe a mandate is legal or “the right thing to do.”

During Tuesday’s work session, Fuller said landlords should be viewed as a business like any other.

“It’s easy to start viewing the landlord as the big, bad entity in one of those exchanges, but the reality is that that’s also a business,” he said. “Why should we be in a position of determining which business is important to be paid and which businesses are not?”

Learn more about El Paso's economic task force.

“The health and safety of the community is my first priority, and must be taken into account when deciding how we rebuild our economy,” Margo said. “I am grateful to all the members who have agreed to serve and provide invaluable input on how we safely reopen businesses.”

Learn more about Sioux Falls plan to support its local businesses and citizens.

“As we advance in our COVID-19 response, our goal is to help businesses create work environments where employees can feel safe and still be productive while flattening the curve within a business and within the community,” said Mayor Paul TenHaken. “We are adjusting to a new normal of behavior during this crisis, but we will prevail. By fostering a high level of resiliency, businesses can be sustained and poised for a timely recovery when this pandemic concludes.”